About Us

Introducing Tashi: As part of the thriving Evmos ecosystem, Tashi operates on an EVM-compatible blockchain within the broader Cosmos network, ensuring a seamless and interoperable DeFi environment.

Tashi offers a transparent, secure, and user-friendly platform for decentralized lending and borrowing across multiple blockchains. By leveraging the power of Evmos and its EVM compatibility, Tashi provides a robust foundation for its innovative financial services.

Decentralized lending and borrowing on Tashi present a groundbreaking way to access funds without relying on traditional financial institutions. Users can easily supply their crypto assets as collateral and receive loans based on the underlying value of these assets. This approach unlocks the potential of their holdings without requiring them to sell their assets, opening up new opportunities for growth and financial flexibility. Moreover, participants have the added advantage of earning rewards on their holdings, further incentivizing active involvement in the platform.

Setting itself apart from conventional lending platforms, Tashi follows an over-collateralized model. This means that users are required to provide more collateral than the value of their loans, reducing default risks and ensuring the overall stability of the platform. The platform's "Loan Health" score determines loan payback, taking into account crucial factors such as collateral value, loan-to-value ratio, and interest rates. This unique approach offers users a flexible repayment schedule that prioritizes stability and security, empowering them to manage their loans with confidence.

Supported by Rome Blockchain Labs, the same team behind the successful BenQi protocol on Avalanche, Tashi brings a proven track record of innovation and security to the DeFi space. The expertise and experience of this team provide users with the reassurance that their assets and transactions are in safe hands.

Strategic Partnerships

Rome Blockchain Labs (RBL) is a renowned private blockchain development firm with a global presence. Their expertise lies in successfully launching and managing cutting-edge DeFi and blockchain protocols. RBL has been instrumental in developing the technology powering various industry-leading platforms like BENQI, Moonwell, and the sAVAX Liquid Staking system. RBL Co-Founder, JD Gagnon, is actively supporting and advising Tashi during its launch and go-to-market strategy. For detailed information about RBL and its services, please visit their official website at https://romeblockchain.com.
Evmos is an exceptionally secure and high-speed Layer-1 blockchain that seamlessly merges the robust development capabilities of Ethereum with the unmatched speed and cross-chain compatibility of Cosmos. Evmos, is widely recognized for its dedication to fostering innovation and facilitating growth in the blockchain ecosystem. For more information please visit their official website at https://evmos.org.
Pyth is a prominent oracle that disseminates financial market data across various blockchains. Their extensive range of market data is sourced from over 80 reputable first-party publishers, encompassing major exchanges and market-making firms globally. Pyth delivers price feeds for diverse asset classes, including US equities, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Each price feed provides a resilient aggregate of publisher prices that updates multiple times per second. To access additional details, please visit their official website at https://pyth.network.
Quadrata is an innovative identity solution providing a unique portable digital passport system that allows users to KYC while putting privacy first. https://quadrata.com.
LWorks offers integrated risk management services that combine cyber, operational, and financial risk control in real-time. https://www.lworks.io
Immunefi is a leading Web3 bug bounty platform protecting $60 billion in user funds. Their bug bounty program is utilized to stay vigilant and proactive in terms of security. https://immunefi.com
WatchPug is an accomplished team specializing in the meticulous auditing of smart contracts, driven by a mission to enhance the security, privacy, and usability of the existing DeFi landscape. Their expertise contributes to building a safer and more reliable ecosystem for decentralized finance. To explore further details, please visit their official website at https://www.watchpug.org.